Drakelow Consulting was launched in 2015, with a commitment and passion to help clients improve performance and achieve commercial goals - through building capability in analysis, decision making, forecasting and planning.

We have completed a number of projects – in UK, USA, Ireland and Germany – delivering improved performance through building client capability in processes, techniques and models.

Drakelow Consulting’s founder and primary consultant is Philip Stubbs. In addition, we maintain a network of skilled consultants to deliver improvements and benefits for clients.

Why Use Drakelow Consulting?

Forecasting Accuracy
Postgraduate academic background in forecasting and modelling, with very many successful applications, improving accuracy

Resource Planning Experience
Over 25 years’ experience of a wide variety of planning techniques and scheduling solutions, using both WFM systems and bespoke solutions

Tried and tested system of best-practice techniques for planning and decision-making that deliver the optimum results

Focus on Process
Ensuring that the results of robust analysis are turned into commercial benefit

Excellent Coaching and Training
Ensuring clients become self-sufficient with analysis, techniques and processes

Independent Advice
No commercial relationship with software or service suppliers

Promoting Single Focus
Helping clients ensure that planning and analysis activity gathers insight from the whole business, and builds consensus

About Philip Stubbs

Drakelow Consulting's Director/Founder Philip Stubbs has delivered improvements and benefits in many different operational environments, through the application of analysis, modelling and best practice techniques and processes. He has helped many managers and analysts develop their capabilities and achieve excellent results.

His background is in Operational Research, which is the application of mathematical and analytical techniques to solve management and operational problems. Such techniques include forecasting, simulation, queueing theory, scheduling, decision analysis, model building and optimisation. His postgraduate research in gas demand forecasting, while studying at Lancaster University Management School, substantially reduced forecast error, and was published in one of the world’s leading analytical academic journals.

Philip has specialised in improving performance in operational areas and pioneered many models, techniques and processes within omnichannel customer contact centres within different sectors - including energy, telecommunications, finance, retail and education. He has a passion for improving forecasting accuracy and implementing optimal operational planning, modelling and scheduling techniques.

He has focused on demand forecasting within operational areas, paying close attention to ensuring accurate data, deploying the right statistical models, and implementing best-practice forecasting processes that make full advantage of insight and activity throughout the business.

He has strong experience of outsourcing, both as client and supplier – involving contract negotiation, performance management, implementation management and creating risk & reward mechanisms. Philip has a strong commercial focus, and throughout his career he has developed further skills in negotiation, people management and coaching to complement his technical expertise.

He has managed many successful projects with very positive outcomes. He is certified PRINCE2® Practitioner in Project Management, with Six Sigma training to Green Belt level

Philip has also developed many other professionals with analytical/modelling skills and best practice techniques. With strong coaching and training skills, he has a robust track record of improving not only the techniques and processes, but also the capability of analysts and managers.

In 2019, he joined Atlantic Insight as a partner. Atlantic Insight is a consultancy company dedicated to improving performance in operational areas.

While working at Pipex Communications, one of Philip's responsibilities was to ensure that its operations were ready to deal with the response to a DRTV advertising campaign featuring David Hasselhoff. Service levels were reliably achieved throughout the campaign, during which Philip showed The Hoff round the Telemarketing department.