Helping you improve capability in forecasting, planning, modelling & decision making

  • Would you like to improve your forecasting methods to become more accurate and useful?
  • Would you like your planning models and processes to deliver the correct resource at the right time?
  • Would you like management information that promotes optimum performance, and identifies opportunities for commercial improvement?
  • Have you a performance opportunity that requires specific analysis to produce the optimum solution to drive competitive advantage?
  • Are you getting full benefit from your Workforce Management System?
  • Would you like to improve the planning methods used in an outsourcing partnership - either as client or supplier?

Drakelow Consulting has transformed the forecasting and planning capability of many organisations, improving customer service and increasing efficiency.

Further, using a wide range of modelling techniques, we have provided unique insights to many orgnisations leading to significant commercial improvements.

Case Studies and Clients

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Our clients include:

Forecasting Accuracy
Postgraduate academic background in forecasting and modelling, with very many successful applications, improving accuracy

Resource Planning Experience
Over 25 years’ experience of a wide variety of planning techniques and scheduling solutions, using both WFM systems and bespoke solutions

Tried and tested system of best-practice techniques for planning and decision-making that deliver the optimum results

Focus on Process
Ensuring that the results of robust analysis are turned into commercial benefit

Excellent Coaching and Training
Ensuring clients become self-sufficient with analysis, techniques and processes

Independent Advice
No commercial relationship with software or service suppliers

Promoting Single Focus
Helping clients ensure that planning and analysis activity gathers insight from the whole business, and builds consensus