Drakelow Consulting offers a number of consulting services to help your organisation increase performance. Click on each heading to show more detail, or to hide the content.

Improving Forecasting Accuracy

Director/Founder Phil Stubbs has had much success in improving forecasting accuracy - through academic study at a postgraduate level, backed up with 25 years experience of reducing errors in a large number of businesses. The fundamentals of accurate forecasting are: ensuring accurate data, deploying the right statistical models, and implementing best-practice forecasting processes that take full advantage of insight and activity throughout the organisation.

Resource Requirement Calculation

The calculation of resource requirements is particularly difficult in an operational environment, even when the volume forecasting is reliable. This can be due to variation in both the employees' performance, and also their attendance.

Whether for within-day scheduling, for recruitment planning or for budgeting, Drakelow Consulting can quickly create tools to calculate your resource requirements accurately, and then hand them over to local analysts for ongoing use.

Resource Planning Optimisation

Resource Planning involves making regular comparisons between required resource and projected actual resource, and taking appropriate action to address any understaffing or overstaffing. What makes this particularly difficult is the need to balance the three competing objectives of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and cost. By designing planning concepts and processes appropriately, the result can be a flexible framework where all three goals are met.

Having experience of very many different scheduling systems, Drakelow Consulting can help you design the optimum system for your business, and create usable and robust tools that reliably slot into a solid planning process. This covers future weekly requirements as well as specific requirements for short intervals.

Management Information

An appropriate reporting system, delivering performance measures to employees and processes within the business is an essential element to maximising performance, and to proper commercial control of cost and revenue. This involves understanding and designing the data architecture, implementing the most appropriate MI and analysis platforms, and creating meaningful reports that use as much automation as possible. Drakelow Consulting has specific expertise in working with clients to select the most appropriate measures in order to maximise individual and site performance - and ensuring no alternative pathways.

Workforce Management System: Implementation, Fix and Optimisation

Drakelow Consulting has successfully project managed the implementation of different Workforce Management Systems for many organisations - including NICE WFM, Teleopti and Aspect WFM.

Many businesses have implemented Workforce Management systems but have been unable to gain the full value that they can bring. Drakelow Consulting can work with you to ensure that problems are fixed, the implementation is sound, and that appropriate processes are in place to ensure the information inputs are accurate, and the business can gain full commercial value from the investment in the system.

Operations Support Structure

Drakelow Consulting can support you in designing the optimum structure to support your operation. This involves understanding dimensions of the organization, as well as the desired processes and the current make-up of the support structure. The outcome is a clear department structure that is able to quickly address the problems and maximise business performance.

Analysis and Commercial Modelling

We can assist long term and short term projects and initiatives with statistical analysis and commercial modelling, for example for contract negotiation or to provide a business case analysis for a particular decision or investment.

The company has enormous experience of building 'What If' models, so that you can see the impact of a decision, or making a change, without actually making the change in real life.

Interim Management

Drakelow Consulting can provide temporary leadership for your operational support areas, offering reliable and robust leadership to guide and develop your support manager and analysts.

Coaching and Training

We can deliver training and coaching solutions to boost the performance of your forecasting, planning, real-time, reporting and analysis capability. We have a great deal of pre-existing training material drawing on our experience. We can also produce tailored material to meet a specific need.

Project Management

Drakelow Consulting can help you by managing projects within a Customer Services, Telemarketing or other Delivery environment. The company’s founder/director Phil Stubbs is a certified PRINCE2® Practitioner in Project Management, with Six Sigma training to Green Belt level. He has project-managed a large number of successful initiatives including the implementation of new technology, and managing outsourcing initiatives.