Enhancing ResQ’s inbound contact centre capability

Drakelow Consulting project-managed the successful implementation of Workforce Management system Teleopti at ResQ.

ResQ is a successful, expanding outsourcing business based at two sites, in Hull and Seaham. It currently employs over 600 advisors offering contact centre support with a range of clients from industries including utilities, retail and telecoms.

While its key competency is delivering successful outbound campaign results, ResQ has in recent years developed its inbound capability. In support of this, ResQ decided to install and implement Workforce Management (WFM) software Teleopti.

ResQ used Drakelow Consulting to project-manage implementation of the system. Drakelow Consulting’s consultant Philip Stubbs built a detailed project plan, featuring the individual tasks that would be needed in order to achieve a successful implementation. Essential actions within the project plan were as follows:

  • Making sure that the historical data within the WFM matched other reporting within the business
  • Making sure that the within-day profiles created by the Teleopti system were sensible given recent actual call volumes
  • Making sure that the interval resource requirements were accurate, reflecting the inputs and also reflecting a sensible advisor productivity and availability to achieve service level
  • Creating processes that ensure that actions delivering WFM benefits were in place
  • Specification of how information in the Teleopti database should be exported for use in other company systems

Throughout the project, Drakelow Consulting’s job was to identify the critical path tasks that needed to be done in each week to ensure project delivery was as swift as possible. Further, Drakelow Consulting supplied two tools that could be used in conjunction with the WFM:

  • A tool that calculates holiday allowances
  • A schedule building tool that allows ResQ to experiment with different schedule patterns without changing all of the rules within Teleopti.

As a result of the project, the scheduling for all of ResQ’s inbound accounts were transformed to offer an improved fit to the actual within day calling patterns and also the flexibility to change if required in future months.

ResQ now has a much-improved offering to its clients with an improved capability to forecast and plan inbound work very effectively by interval.

ResQ is delighted with the improved ability to plan their inbound accounts. Matt Gray, Head of Operations at ResQ said, “Phil has an exceptional background and expertise in contact centre resource planning. I feel as though we are now self-sufficient in the use of Teleopti and the resource planning processes, and we are looking forward to realise the benefits in 2018 and beyond.”