Drakelow Consulting Methodology for Operations Support

Drakelow Consulting has created a detailed Methodology for supporting operational environments. It provides a series of processes, tools and skills which deliver excellent results, based on analytical rigour and consensus across the operation.

There are 40 individual Elements within the overall methodology, contained within the eight Categories: Workflow, Management Information, Forecasting, Long Term Planning, Absence Planning, Interval Planning, Real Time Management and Quality Management. Attached within each Element is a collection of best practice processes, tools and skills that can be tailored to a particular problem situation.

Management Information
Long Term Planning
Absence Planning
Interval Planning
Real Time Management
Quality Management

For example, Element 16 (part of Long Term Planning) is called Headcount Statement. This Element involves the process of reporting the actual number of employees within a function, broken down as necessary. The corresponding Full-Time Equivalent value is normally also required. Further, it is important to track new recruits, leavers, and those who increase or decrease their working hours. Attention also needs to be given to those employees who go on maternity leave, or are seconded elsewhere within the organisation. Reporting actual staffing levels is an undertaking that many organisations find particularly difficult, and applying Drakelow Consulting’s methodology can help assure accuracy in headcount reporting.

Drakelow Consulting’s experience in these matters comes from an academic background in forecasting and planning, backed up with many years of experience operating in support environments – in analysis, project management and senior management positions.

If you are aware of a specific problem that needs resolution, then please get in touch to see if Drakelow Consulting can work with you on an improvement project. Alternatively, if you know that problems exist, but you are not exactly sure what the issue is, or issues are, then an audit of Support processes and tools may be appropriate, which Drakelow Consulting can perform for you.